Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bye, Bye Blogger

It's been a nice two years with blogger but now it is time to move on. I have finally been able to integrate my blog into my website. So for now on all my post will be on my site blog which you can check out here:


All the blog post and comments on this blog have been migrated over to my site blog so no content is lost! Commenting will be different since I am using Wordpress.org platform. This blog will be updated A LOT more than this one was, since from the beginning I wanted my blog on my site.

Hope to see you on the other side! You can email subscribe to my other blog here:

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<3 Panda

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Hi everyone!! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all! Hope you having a wonderful time with your family. Hopefully your inside all nice and warm. :)

It's been a VERY long time since I updated the blog! Sorry about that. I've been twittering a lot and also using Facebook much more. It's hard sometimes to make a sweep through all the devices to update them. Also, I've been using Tumblr a lot so if you have one you can follow me there as well! Panduhmonium Tumblr

I'm super excited for how this year went for Panduhmonium! It was very successful and even better than last year! I'm currently at 302 sales and blew pass my goal of 200 sales this year. Currently I have 249 sales this year! :D I've gotten more than double of the sales I did in my first year which makes me super happy! I love all your support.

A lot happened this year. I did my first out of state show, Otakon, which went really well! I hope to add more shows under my belt for next year. In January I will be attending MAGfest, which will be exciting! It's a video game and music convention.

I finally got buttons in my shop and also SHIRTS AND TOTE BAGS! So excited about that last bit. The shirts and tote bags are only a recent edition, but they have been well received at my last convention and in my Etsy shop! Currently I am in need of shirt blanks, but hopefully I will hear back from a awesome company to see if I can order some of their shirts.

Sorry for the super jam packed update...and also lack of updates to this blog. I hope to update it more regularly next year and also convert to a blog that will be on my website instead of blogger. We'll see how that goes. Have a great Christmas and Happy New Year!

<3 Panda

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Car searching and Second graders

Hello, hello! The past few days for me have consisted mainly of looking for a used car with my boyfriend, Ross. The car is for him though! I have a 2002 Ford Escort ZX2. He has driven a few cars this week, but yesterday we found one he liked! It was a 2007 Ford Focus SES Hatchback in kiwi green metallic. There is a Ford Focus hatchback picture above, but obviously not kiwi green. The color is SO pretty! I tried to find a nice picture of it online, but it doesn't do the color justice. It looks the best in bright sunlight and makes me oh so happy. LOL It's kinda interesting because it sounds like I like the car more than Ross does! Haha, it probably is that way since Ross is usually laid back about stuff like that, but oh well. :P I get excited about stuff like that easily...like houses, cars, electronics ahaha. :P Anyway, it seems as though the car is just out of our price range which is slightly disappointing. We'll see though, and of course there is always more looking! ;P

Today I went to Ross's Mom's 2nd Grade classroom and talked to them about being an Artist. I showed them some of my work, mostly from High School to keep it grade school relevant. They had so many questions to ask and I was so overwhelmed LOL. I don't think I'm that awesome with kids to begin with, but definitely not good with a big group of kids. It was kinda fun and interesting but somewhat exhausting lol. I never realized just how many "artist" terms I have learned over the years that just don't make sense to kids. Plus, I have the habit of using...I guess college level vocabulary and losing them ahahaha. Can you tell I'm never around little kids much? 8D

That is all for now! Going to start working on some more scrabble tile rings for my shop! I'm completely out of two of the designs and about to be out in a 3rd. Work, work, work!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day/night~ :D

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nerdy Panda Charms and more!

Hello, hello! :D It has been a while, huh? Well! college finals are over and I'm out for the summer...sorta! I'm taking summer classes though! I have one summer class that is confirmed at the moment...and one that is pending! The one that is pending is rather exciting...but I'd rather not spoil the surprise until I know if I am going to be a part of it or not! :) Either way, classes don't start till the 31st so I have some time.

And now...onto the really exciting awesome part! Nerdy Panda Acrylic Charms! Woooooo!

Acrylic Nerdy Panda Necklace
 The charms are super awesome! They are 1.5" acrylic charms and are completely waterproof! Which is oh so nice in case you get splashed by the pool in the summer! :D They are for sale in my shop, just click on the picture to go to the listing!

Also, Otakon! As time passes Otakon is getting closer...and closer! I'm so anxious because I've never been to a convention this huge...and I'm going to be selling at it! It's very exciting but also nerve wracking. I need to get in gear and get going on making a big inventory for Otakon! :D

Since the last time I blogged...I've been in two Etsy treasuries! In less than one week, how exciting?! The first one is oh so appropriate and made me laugh because it's called "Pandemonium". The second one is SO CUTE, GIRLY, AND NERDY! Ohohohoho I love it. Thanks to Bamboohead and TheLightFantastic for including me in such cute, wonderful, and nerdy treasuries. :D! Please click on the pictures for a better look and visit the stores of all the awesome people included.


My Kind of Girl

And to end this post: I've done a few more new doodles that I am excited about, including a really fun one today that is rather close to my young heart. :) I cannot wait to share them, but in a more finished form. ;P Don't worry! I'll get cracking at it! 

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day! ♥

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Acrylic Charms!

Hello everyone! :D I'm happy to announce that soon I will have my first batch of high quality acrylic charms of my Nerdy Panda design, which is also the Panduhmonium logo.

 For some time now I have been having issues making large shrinky dink size pendants for this design in particular. The three necklaces of this design that I did manage to finish without a problem were sold out in my Etsy shop within one week and I've had some people ask me if I have any more of this design. Instead of ripping my hair out trying to make more, I decided its time to go the high quality charm route with this particular design. I'm so excited, because all the charms I will get will be usable charms, none of which will be warped by my evil oven! I still loveeee shrinky dinks though and will continue to do them, except only with smaller designs (1 inch or under).

Acrylic charms have been the thing for quite some time now with artist who sell merchandise of their art in the form of jewelry and there are many good reasons why! First, it saves the artist hands! This is a blessing...since our hands already get worked to death from drawing, painting, crafting, you name it! Second, acrylic charms are high quality compared to shrinky dinks and they are water proof! You can make shrinky dinks water proof with resin...but I don't think the time involved is worth it. Third, and my favorite, TIME SAVER! It allows you to focus your attention and time on your art and not so much on making your product. Also, all the charms are guaranteed to be usable, so no more worrying about duds in a batch of shrinky dinks!

I was pretty apprehensive about the "acrylic movement" at first mainly because I didn't understand what all the fuss was about. Second, I personally like overseeing the process and making my products myself, so turning my work over to someone else made me cringe. I realized though, that since I'm trying to make this into a full time gig, I need to use my time more effectively as well as give my customer a high quality product. Not that shrinky dinks can't be high quality, but the time put in doing so is not worth what it can be sold for later. Especially since their are tons of artist selling shrinky dink charms who undersell them so much it is almost impossible for a business to use the medium and make profit. I mean come on...if you see someone 20 people selling something for $5 and one person is selling for $10 your going to think something is up! Hopefully, you'll think that the more expensive one is better quality...but that isn't always the case.

I finally decided to take the plunge when Paper Forest (now Printsess) started offering short run acrylic charms with the artist in mind. This was great for me, because helping another small business out didn't make me feel "mass manufactured" plus it's always nice to help another small business. :) I'm super excited and can't wait for the end of the month when my lovely charms will be here! :D

What started off as a quick post is now long and winded! LOL. Hopefully, you learned something or agree or disagree or something! 8D Just my little "rant" on the whole acrylic charm thing and why I think it isn't such a bad idea after all. :)

Thanks for reading! <3

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Painting and Craft Show...

Hello everyone! It's been a while since my last update. I've been busy will college and the semester is about to end so it's crunch time! I've been working slowly on things though. I got some wonderful ACEO canvas paper from my friend Kelly (Egyptianruin) and have been thinking of cute little designs for paintings. I have complete one and in progress on my second one. I have eight more sheets though! Lots of opportunity for different designs and ideas there.

Here is the first one painting which is finished!

Pandas, Seals, and Toast
I like how it came out considering it is my first painting I have ever finished. I started a oil painting on canvas once, but it was a copy of something. I decided I wanted to do my own designs instead so it was tossed. And this piece is being sold in my Etsy shop! It will be completely one of a kind since I am not making prints of it.

And here is a WIP of my second piece featuring cute kissy toast~

Love Toast WIP
This one will also be up for grabs in my Etsy shop when it is complete. :)

Now for the second segment of this post, craft show! I submitted my first application ever to a juried craft show in February and I just heard back from them a couple of days ago. I did not make the cut which is kinda a bummer, but it is alright. :) They had only 54 spots and 160 applications, wow! They did ask if I wanted to be on the waiting list for the show so we'll see how that goes! I am attending Otakon this year for the very first time though and that is confirmed so I hope to see you there! :) My only other convention planned atm is Nekocon 13 which is pending still since the convention isn't until November, but I should know around July-August if I am officially going.

Take care everyone and happy crafting and arting~ :D

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

And the winner is...!

Abi! :D Woooooooooo!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated! :D I really enjoyed holding the giveaway and I hope to hold many many more in the future! <3

I'm in class right now haha, so I will do another post later!