Thursday, May 20, 2010

Car searching and Second graders

Hello, hello! The past few days for me have consisted mainly of looking for a used car with my boyfriend, Ross. The car is for him though! I have a 2002 Ford Escort ZX2. He has driven a few cars this week, but yesterday we found one he liked! It was a 2007 Ford Focus SES Hatchback in kiwi green metallic. There is a Ford Focus hatchback picture above, but obviously not kiwi green. The color is SO pretty! I tried to find a nice picture of it online, but it doesn't do the color justice. It looks the best in bright sunlight and makes me oh so happy. LOL It's kinda interesting because it sounds like I like the car more than Ross does! Haha, it probably is that way since Ross is usually laid back about stuff like that, but oh well. :P I get excited about stuff like that houses, cars, electronics ahaha. :P Anyway, it seems as though the car is just out of our price range which is slightly disappointing. We'll see though, and of course there is always more looking! ;P

Today I went to Ross's Mom's 2nd Grade classroom and talked to them about being an Artist. I showed them some of my work, mostly from High School to keep it grade school relevant. They had so many questions to ask and I was so overwhelmed LOL. I don't think I'm that awesome with kids to begin with, but definitely not good with a big group of kids. It was kinda fun and interesting but somewhat exhausting lol. I never realized just how many "artist" terms I have learned over the years that just don't make sense to kids. Plus, I have the habit of using...I guess college level vocabulary and losing them ahahaha. Can you tell I'm never around little kids much? 8D

That is all for now! Going to start working on some more scrabble tile rings for my shop! I'm completely out of two of the designs and about to be out in a 3rd. Work, work, work!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day/night~ :D

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