Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nerdy Panda Charms and more!

Hello, hello! :D It has been a while, huh? Well! college finals are over and I'm out for the summer...sorta! I'm taking summer classes though! I have one summer class that is confirmed at the moment...and one that is pending! The one that is pending is rather exciting...but I'd rather not spoil the surprise until I know if I am going to be a part of it or not! :) Either way, classes don't start till the 31st so I have some time.

And now...onto the really exciting awesome part! Nerdy Panda Acrylic Charms! Woooooo!

Acrylic Nerdy Panda Necklace
 The charms are super awesome! They are 1.5" acrylic charms and are completely waterproof! Which is oh so nice in case you get splashed by the pool in the summer! :D They are for sale in my shop, just click on the picture to go to the listing!

Also, Otakon! As time passes Otakon is getting closer...and closer! I'm so anxious because I've never been to a convention this huge...and I'm going to be selling at it! It's very exciting but also nerve wracking. I need to get in gear and get going on making a big inventory for Otakon! :D

Since the last time I blogged...I've been in two Etsy treasuries! In less than one week, how exciting?! The first one is oh so appropriate and made me laugh because it's called "Pandemonium". The second one is SO CUTE, GIRLY, AND NERDY! Ohohohoho I love it. Thanks to Bamboohead and TheLightFantastic for including me in such cute, wonderful, and nerdy treasuries. :D! Please click on the pictures for a better look and visit the stores of all the awesome people included.


My Kind of Girl

And to end this post: I've done a few more new doodles that I am excited about, including a really fun one today that is rather close to my young heart. :) I cannot wait to share them, but in a more finished form. ;P Don't worry! I'll get cracking at it! 

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day! ♥

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...on the brink of something beautiful said...

i LOVE your panda creations. in fact, hope you dont mind but i HAD to blog about it!!! you can read it here:

lovely blog!!!