Sunday, March 21, 2010

Painting and Craft Show...

Hello everyone! It's been a while since my last update. I've been busy will college and the semester is about to end so it's crunch time! I've been working slowly on things though. I got some wonderful ACEO canvas paper from my friend Kelly (Egyptianruin) and have been thinking of cute little designs for paintings. I have complete one and in progress on my second one. I have eight more sheets though! Lots of opportunity for different designs and ideas there.

Here is the first one painting which is finished!

Pandas, Seals, and Toast
I like how it came out considering it is my first painting I have ever finished. I started a oil painting on canvas once, but it was a copy of something. I decided I wanted to do my own designs instead so it was tossed. And this piece is being sold in my Etsy shop! It will be completely one of a kind since I am not making prints of it.

And here is a WIP of my second piece featuring cute kissy toast~

Love Toast WIP
This one will also be up for grabs in my Etsy shop when it is complete. :)

Now for the second segment of this post, craft show! I submitted my first application ever to a juried craft show in February and I just heard back from them a couple of days ago. I did not make the cut which is kinda a bummer, but it is alright. :) They had only 54 spots and 160 applications, wow! They did ask if I wanted to be on the waiting list for the show so we'll see how that goes! I am attending Otakon this year for the very first time though and that is confirmed so I hope to see you there! :) My only other convention planned atm is Nekocon 13 which is pending still since the convention isn't until November, but I should know around July-August if I am officially going.

Take care everyone and happy crafting and arting~ :D

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