Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hello Blogger! :D

Well! It seems like its been forever since I last posted a blog entry. It has been a while though. I've been consumed by school and preping stock for Nekocon 12. The convention is in 9 days! This will be my first time selling at a convention (my first time selling at any sort of venue actually). I'm so excited and so nervous! My best friend will also be coming to Virginia from Florida for Nekocon! It's so exciting to be able to see her and share this experience with her. :)

A lot has happened since my last post! :0 I've made greeting cards of my Nerdy Panda designs and they have been selling well. :) People really seem to love this which makes me happy. I was featured in my first treasury ever by the lovely ParamiPanda. Please go visti her shop! She sells really cute amigurumi and is such a sweet heart. <3

Also! a few days after the treasury was made, it got featured for a hour on the FRONT PAGE!!! :0 I got so many new hearts and views it was crazy! <3

As of now, my shop has 29 sales! I'm so excited! I never really thought I would get that many so fast. I'm curious to see how many sales I will have before my Etsy-versary. :0

I'm working on some new things for the shop as well. They will be debuting at Nekocon 12 and will be in my shop after the convention. Here's a sneak peak of the one of the four scrabble tile ring designs for those who are not on Facebook.

Hope you guys like them and everyone take care! Thanks for reading. :)

♥ Panda


Alix said...

Hey, just wanted to let you know I'm passing a blog award on to you :) Here are the details:

illi said...

haha love the nerdy panda ^_*

Miranda said...

Thanks guys! <3