Friday, August 28, 2009

Animation and Busy Busy!

Hey everyone! College started again on Monday for me. I'm a junior this year! :D For those who have never read my blog, I'm majoring in Animation! It is so much fun because I get to bring my drawings to life. I'm not sure where it is going to take me yet, but I am having fun studying it. Do you have a favorite animation or animator? For me, my favorite would have to be Hayao Miyazaki. His work is so amazing and he does things with 2D animation that many could never even begin to do. There is so much life in his work and he includes all the little quirky things humans do (such as tying their shoes when it comes untied.) So many people skip over little details like that or think they are no important...that they lose the human quality to them. Miyazki is amazing...and if you have never heard of him I suggest Googling him STAT! :0

If you have a favorite animation though, I would love to hear about it! :D

I did list four new things in my shop last week! Here is one of them, Happy Bread Studs!

I'm going to be very busy now that school started again. I'm also still preping for Nekocon as well and for the holidays. Anyone have any tips for preping for the holidays? This will be my shop's first Christmas so I'm curious to see how it will do!

I hope you like the new studs I added! I just bought some more jewelry be on the look out for new jewelry! :D I'm also trying out a new blog feature which you can see at the bottom of all my post now, called Reactions. Basically, it's like Youtube's rating system; you tell me how you like the content of the post! This will also be nice for those who don't have time to write a formal comment, but can still leave feedback by leaving their "Reaction." I guess we'll see how it works out. :)

♥ Panda

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