Friday, May 8, 2009

I'm back and new listings! :D

Whew! Ok! So I was absent for a little was getting really hectic, but now college is out for the summer so I have a lot more time to dedicate to my shop! :D For starters...I listed three new items to my Etsy shop Panduhmonium! :D

The first item is a cute little banana keychain! :D I had fun making this one. My favorite part about him is is face which has a really small mouth compared to my other charms.

Next is a cute little toast charm complete with butter! I had a lot of fun making him. He was fun to paint but I had the hardest time taking a photo of him. I guess my camera does not like the color brown lol.

And finally I made another lemon charm! The first one I gave to a friend so this will be the first lemon charm in the shop. :D

I hope you all enjoy the new items! :D I am currently working on making some fox snap clips to sell in my shop. They still need to be baked along with a few other things. I also need to make more panda items! The first pair of Panda hair clips did not stay in my shop for even a day! :0!

Also, if you guys have any suggestions for things you would like to see in my shop please let me know!

Soon I hope to buy a printer so I can sell art prints as well as start making shrinky dinks of some of my designs. :)

♥ Panda


Elephunk said...

I love the lemon! It's adorable. Congratulations on finishing the semester. I have one more paper left to write and then I too will have more time to devote to etsy!

Panda said...

Thanks! <3

Wow! I did not realize you were almost done too! :D Grats to you too then :D!