Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ahh! Snow! :D

Hello everyone! :D Hope everyone is doing well! We have snow here in VIRGINIA! Wooooooooo! We haven't had a good snow..since well a really longgggggg time. Ross and I had a lot of fun playing in it for a while. :)

I put in my application for my first convention of the year, Animazement, for those of your who are in North Carolina or close! Not sure if I am going to get in because apparently they had a lot of entries this year, but we'll see!

I've been on a adventure testing products. I'm testing different papers for scrabble tile rings and well as a different glaze for my shrinky dink stuff. It's be kinda up and down though haha. Some success and well...some disaster. I've also been working on SCREENPRINTING! Yay! I really really really want to start selling Panduhmonium apparel so hopefully soon! I've done some stenciling that has been successful already..but the process is a lot slower than screenprinting so I'm trying to master that. If it doesn't go well I will stick to stenciling for a while.

I would like to show you my newest design for scrabble tile rings, Ibiki the Seal!

"Ibiki isn't like normal seals. Instead of swimming in the ocean and playing on land with the other seals, he swims in the sky! Most of his time is spent messing about in the clouds and occasionally, sneaking a quick nap on them!"

Oh and! Ross finally listed things in his shop! He is selling really cute kitty amigurumi called Itty-Bitty-Kitties :D!

Bye bye for now loves! <3

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