Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Yart Sale A Go-Go! :D

This is just copy-pasta from my journal on DA since it's late and I'm sleepy! 8D;

Hello everyone!!

The Yart Sale is going on now~! :D Please visit my Etsy to see the items on sale! All items with YART SALE listed in the title are 20% off! The Yart Sale will continue until the Sunday the 14th @ 11.59pm so please stop by and take a look and be sure to tell your friend! ;P

Also if anyone is interested~ I'm holding a kirban for my deviantart page since I'm almost to 2,000 views! The first person who gets the 2,000th view and provides a screenshot will get a free chibi drawing from me~ :D To visit my Deviantart page please go to!

Thanks for looking! :D

♥ Panda

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