Monday, June 29, 2009

Prints! :D

Hey everyone! I got my new printer last week and I loveeeeee it! I'm so happy I decided to get it. So far I have done some test printing and even printed on some inkjet shrink plastic paper to make cute little charms! :D

I'm waiting for the colorful cellphone straps I ordered to come and then these cuties will be complete! So look out for these in my Etsy shop later this week!

And finally...PRINTS! I finally listed my first two prints to my Etsy shop on Saturday. It is of my "Rainbow Cuties" illustration, which you can view at my deviantart page as well as my other illustrations. :) Currently I only have 8x10 and 4x6 listed for sale...but I printed some ACEO sized prints and I hope to have them listed for sale today! :D

Thanks for looking and I hope everyone has a great day! :D

♥ Panda

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