Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Stuff! :D

Well I finally got around to gluing charms onto hair clips like I had planned. The charms have been ready since about Friday and I just got to glue them Tuesday, because it has been raining out here since Friday and it finally stopped! So I have cute hair clips to show you! :D

First are the Cute Panda Snap Clips! I am sure people have been going to my Etsy store looking to see my here it is! :D I love these so much! Very happy with the way they came out. They are on a black pair of 2" snap clips.

Next are the oh so yummie Orange Creamsicle Snap Clips! These are so cute! When I was making these my boyfriend said I should cut a corner from one so it would look it like was bitten. So cute...and yummy! I love creamsicles so much and now I want one. The creamsicles are attached to a navy blue pair of 2" snap clips.

I will get around to listing these later in the day! So if you like them keep a look out for them in my shop! :)

♥ Panda

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